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Clinical Compliance Officer (CCO)

Requirements / Responsibilities:
The main responsibilities of a Clinical Compliance Officer (CCO) lie in building beneficial contacts with the Clinician (s) so that it results in their fully compliant inclusion of the CCO into the Clinicians office to collect diagnostic lab specimens ( currently blood, DNA and urine samples) that are then sent to the hospital or lab. The responsibility is not then finalized with only the successful and compliant collection, documentation, shipment and delivery of results for the product ordered but it continues in developing long term relations with the medical staff that may again generate sales in the future of additional products. The CCO creates this position and or selling situation based on an exact and complete presentation of the medical product and services to the potential client. Of most importance, the CCO must operate within the framework of all laws, regulations and policies. Working within the framework and maintaining work ethics, one has to be target oriented in the CCO role. Following the guidelines and standards in marketing strategies and presenting the benefits of the placement of services/products in an absolute professional manner is essential to the job.

The CCO must have or be willing to achieve a state approved credential license for lab specimen collections and be able to compliantly share laboratory results and or medical product information to the general practitioners or clinicians. The task involves demonstrating competent and interactive communication and skills among co-workers in the said clinic (s) and also to get the doubts clarified whenever they arise. The CCO is also updated on the latest knowledge on lab policies and procedures, product or other information provided by the company. In this CCO position, the insight into business, the achievement of goals and consistent long term sales result can contribute to building a growing business in an assigned territory. The support should also extend to peers, the division or region to deliver success. The CCO job requires highly motivated and self driven people, who are currently certified or qualified to be trained based on the states requirements for laboratory specimen collection. They must also be interested in the field of medicine and have a “can do” attitude. Of most importance, the successful candidate must also have an ability to “get along” and adapt to the “flow” in a clinic amicably and within the schedule of needed services. This career based position offers a salary, benefits and perks commiserate with the qualities exhibited by the applicant.