SSG Cammie Lynne Spindel

I am known for one thing and that is lifting heavy!

I am 30 yrs old from Thibodaux La! I am a SSG in the Arkansas NG, a paramedic civilian, and a motivator for gymrats all over! I want to inspire and motivate women and men alike! I am an Afghanistan veteran and yes I am a medic! I am DOC, I’m always saying, DOC should be jacked because one day I might have to carry you out of the line of fire! I have a ZFG attitude for the negativity that comes with what I do. You don’t like it, don’t look! Women can lift heavy and are allowed to have muscles too! To me, the drive is sexy and beautiful!!! I am an alpha female in a male dominating sport/career paramedic-army medic and I will hold my own!

My journey in lifting started once I joined the military. I played every sport you could think of in high school, but once college hit I gained the freshmen 60s. When I joined the military I became cardio crazy going from 170lbs to 110lbs. I didn’t like the way I looked, to me I was too small. I tried out crossfit for a year and loved the lifting and competition aspect. I stopped crossfit for many reasons but to each their own. I picked up lifting weight and have been in love ever since. Within 2 years I have transformed my body into a machine! I love everything about the sport from meal prepping, planning, and the lifestyle. Will I ever get on stage? Maybe or maybe not! I don’t know yet! I honestly have nothing to prove because I know I’m yoked!


Birthdate: August 7, 1984
Birthplace: Houma, La
Current Residence: Conway, Ar
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 155-160 depends

Best body parts: quads, delts, chest, traps, and back!

Most challenging body parts: abs, rear delts, and hams!

Favorite lifts: incline DB press and side lateral raises.

Traits you admire in others: Being humble and the drive that keeps people pushing forward!

Traits I admire about myself: Humble, willing to help, not afraid to speak my mind, driven, determined, goal oriented, and knowing who I am and what I represent!

Favorite movie: ALL THE BATMAN MOVIES!! But I love action, comedy, horror, and thrillers! NO CHICK FLICK SAPPY MOVIES EVER!

Favorite actor: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

Favorite band or performer: The Weekend

Favorite cheat foods: pizza, poptarts, Reese’s, anything chocolate and PB, ice cream, and sushi.

Favorite automobile: my jeep

Ideal perfect vacation: I want a hut in the middle of clear water, bikinis, booze, and my swolemate whomever that might be.