Our mission here at Military Muscle over the years has led us here, to make sure our Military and Veterans feel supported. And what better way to show our SUPPORT than giving them a GIFT from you and us!
For every item purchased that's apart of the BOGO program, we will make and ship one tee per item to be shipped to a Military or Veteran of your choice!
If you buy three tees under the program, we will ship three tees out on your behalf on us, at no additional charge, to whoever you choose, as long as they are currently serving or have served this great country.
In the past 10yrs of business as a Veteran Owned and Operated company, mental health has always been at the forefront of everything we do. This year we want to continue battling along side our community to do everything we can to keep our Military and Veterans from committing suicide. We hope this gift will inspire a bigger change to those who are suffering in silence, and let them know there are people out here WHO CARE!
Thank you to those who continue to support our efforts to make a difference in our CoMMunity!
*When you check out make sure to add in the notes section the name, address and shirt size for the person you are wanting to send the BOGO shirt to!
*You do not get to choose the shirt design we have set shirts/designs for the BOGO program.