At the end of last year we introduced PRINT ON DEMAND items, and through a huge learning curve we discovered not everything was as high quality as promised to us. We also introduced 100% Cotton tees with our designs, which led our customers to receive apparel that didn't hold up to what we've been producing over the past 7yrs. 
As you can imagine, Covid-19 did a number on our business as well, to add to it, Print On Demand wasn't a good process for us and we paid dearly losing the customers we've earned through the years. But this won't stop Military Muscle, we took a step back, regrouped and went back to what we now, quality products!
Our new releases will be a bit smaller until we regain the steam we once had, but that's OK. Having more control of our apparel and processes are what made MM successful and we will be there once again! 
ALL releases will be limited and only available for that Month, if you don't grab it when you see it, it will be gone for ever!