Ashley Kiyonaga

Ashley Kiyonaga was a Sergeant, Military Police Officer in the US Army and served from April 2010­-April
2015. She is now a competitor in Body Building, having competed as a Bikini competitor since her first
show in November of 2014. Ashley’s biggest bodybuilding goal was to receive her pro card- which she did at USAs in July 2014. Ashley is also a certified personal trainer and full-time student working toward a degree in Criminal Justice.

Birthdate:  June, 25th 1991
Birthplace:  Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Current Residence:  Honolulu, Hawaii
Height:  5’3”
Contest weight:  112-­115
Off­season weight:  125

First competition:  NPC Paradise Cup 2014

Best Contest Placings:
Received Pro Card at USAs – July 2014
Earned 3rd place at my first pro show, MuscleContest Championships – March 2015
Place 10th in The New York Pro – May 2015

Highlights of career:  In the Military aspect it would be earning the rank of sergeant when only serving
for two years and nine months. In the fitness/bikini aspect it would be earning my Pro Card at the USAs in July 2014!

Best body parts: ABS

Most challenging body part:  My Glutes! ROUNDER! TIGHTER! HIGHER!

Favorite exercise: Squats and kickbacks

Traits you most admire in others:  Honesty, loyalty

Traits you most admire in yourself:  Honest, genuine and humble.

Favorite Movie: The Ugly Truth, Law Abiding Citizen

Favorite Actor:  Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston

Favorite Band or Performer:  Kevin Hart

Favorite Food:  Desserts: donuts, cake, cupcakes, ice cream…you name it, I love it!

Favorite Cheat Day Treats:  PIZZA or BIG, JUICY CHEESEBURGERS

Favorite automobile: Hippie Van (VW) ­ I can drive all my swolemates anywhere in style! (if it doesn’t
break down)

Ideas of a perfect vacation:  Renting an RV and touring Europe!

What would you do if you weren’t a Women’s Bikini competitor:  I would probably still be working out
everyday just continuously trying to better my body! This girl is never satisfied, always hungry!

What advice would you give other competitors:  KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE. During prep just
take it day by day and realize how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go! There will be times where
you feel like you want to break down and quit..WELL DONT. Think about why you started and all of your
doubters, go to sleep and wake up ready to destroy the day!