Chase Tobin

Chase is an Elite Athlete of Military Muscle. He is active duty in the Unites States Marine Corps, currently stationed in Oceanside, CA. Chase is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton (V24). After he gets out of the Marine Corps, he plans on getting his Masters in Counterterrorism and is looking into a job with Federal Law Enforcement or Private Security. Chase’s Family includes his wife of 3 years, Lia, and daughter, Laila Rose.

Highlights of career:
Becoming a Military Muscle Elite Athlete
Active Duty USMC Sergeant for five years (2012-2017)
0311 Infantry Squad Leader

Okinawa, Japan 31st MEU, USMC, 2nd BN 4th Marines 2015-2016, Infantry Squad Leader
Rota, Spain with USMC FASTEUR 2014-2015, Crisis Response Squad Leader
Rota, Spain with USMC FASTEUR 2013-2014, Crisis Response Squad Leader
2 Stateside RF/DF Missions with 1st FAST 2014, Guard Force SOG/CoC Operator

Name: Chase Tobin
Birth date: January 3rd
Birthplace: High Point, NC
Current Residence: Oceanside, CA
Height: 5’9”

Best body parts: Back and Shoulders

Most challenging body part: Chest and Legs are always a love/hate challenge.

Favorite exercise: Barbell Shrugs

Traits you most admire in others: Being Genuine and Honest

Traits you most admire in yourself: Motivation, Hard Working, and Consistency

Favorite Movie: Gladiator, hands down.

Favorite Actor: Bruce Willis

Favorite Band or Performer: Killswitch Engage

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Jelly

Favorite Cheat Day Treats: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite automobile: 1993 K5 Chevy Blazer

Ideas of a perfect vacation: Sitting on a beach chair with my wife beside me, the little one playing in the waves, and sipping on a tropical drink with a little umbrella. Relaxation at its finest.