Elijah Maine

Elijah J. Maine is currently the President and co-owner/founder of Military Muscle. He is active duty in the Unites States Navy, currently stationed in Little Creek, VA.

His previous duties to date:
2016-Present: Naval Special Warfare Group TWO – Little Creek, VA
2013-2016: Recruit Training Command as a Recruit Division Commander – Great Lakes, IL
2009-2013: Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1 – Gulfport, MS
2007-2009: Public Works Department, Sigonella Sicily
2002-2007: Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 – Gulfport, MS

Elijah has been on numerous deployments:
Diego Garcia-2004
Belize- 2006

Elijah has three children: Dominic, Alexa, and Elijah Jr.

Birth date: March 28th
Birthplace: Rochester, NY
Current Residence: Little Creek, VA
Height: 5’11”

Highlights of career: A highlight from my Military career would have to be my time as a Recruit Division Commander and my deployment to Uganda, Africa. Not many people in the world get a chance to train the future of the Navy. I had the opportunity to personally train our future military. The ones that will be taking my place protecting this country. I had the chance to meet, train, and get to know over 800 recruits, ranging from Navy SEAL candidates to Nuclear Technicians. It was a very unique experience that I will never forget. During my time in Uganda, My team and I would go out repairing schools and houses damaged in storms. To see the living conditions they were living in their whole lives, makes you appreciate the little luxuries we do have.

Best body parts: Hmmm, well I would personally like to think my Delts, but everyone keeps mentioning my calves?

Most challenging body part: My chest! Because I know for a fact my right PEC is smaller than my left LOL. Well, my core as well, because that is where all my ice cream gets stored.

Favorite exercise: Standing Military Press/Muscle up

Traits you most admire in others: Loyalty, Commitment, Drive, Follow through, Respect

Traits you most admire in yourself: Follow through, Attention to Detail, Loyalty

Favorite Movie: Close one between Man of Fire, and Superman vs. Batman (Dawn of Justice), but really. Too many to count.

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite Band or Performer: John Legend/Three Doors Down/The Weekend/Nick Jonas

Favorite Food: Ice Cream

Favorite Cheat Day Treats: Coldstone Ice Cream

Favorite automobile: 1998 Toyota Supra Single , 2JZ-GTE, T78 DBB Turbo, 6 speed. Black on Black.

Ideas of a perfect vacation: Maldives, but anywhere if its with the right person.

What would you do if you didn’t own a business: Stay in the Navy until they kick me out.

What advice would you give other business owners: Put your investment in people. Put in the work. Don’t give up. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Follow your dreams and do NOT stop!