Kalea McFadden Hernandez

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

— Arnold Schwarzenegger


First Competition: Dallas Europa Games, May 2014

Best Contest Placings: 3x Top 5 Placings; NPC Nationally Qualified

2014 October – Phoenix Europa Games (NPC/IFBB) – 5th Place Open Figure Class B

2014 July – Independence Day Classic (NPC) – 2nd Place Novice Figure Class A   /  5th Place Open Figure Class A

2014 May – Dallas Europa Games (NPC/IFBB) – 5th Place Open Figure Class B

US Army/Sergeant – 8 years Army Reserves/currently still serving
Residence: Lubbock, Texas
Birthdate: April 1, 1980
Originally From: Alexandria, Virginia (DC Metro Area)
Height: 5’3”
Contest Weight: 125 lbs
Off Season Weight: 135-140 lbs

Highlights of Career:

  •  Placing and becoming a Nationally Qualified (NQ) Figure Competitor for the NPC in 3
    competitions (first year ever competing!)
  • Hitting 300’s on my APFT
  • Becoming a Military Muscle Elite Athlete!
  • Xcel Sports Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
  • Being that role model for my son, moms, women, and the military

Best Body Parts: Back and Shoulders, but do get a lot of compliments on my quads #quadzilla

Most Challenging Body Part: Definitely my quads!  I am still working on getting them tighter
and more defined for the stage.  I know that will come with time and prepping technique changes.

Favorite Exercise: Squats and Pull Ups!

Traits You Most Admire in Others:  Hmm… definitely, loyalty and integrity.  Those can really define a person.

Traits You Most Admire in Yourself: I would have to say being a perfectionist.  If it wasn’t for
me being a perfectionist my whole life, while pushing & challenging myself, who knows where I would be today.

Favorite Movie: Inglorious Bastards

Favorite Actor: Jason Statham

Favorite Band/Performer: Staind/Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

Favorite Food: Enchiladas

Favorite Cheat Day Treats: Stacks of Pancakes!

Favorite Automobile:  Aston Martin Vanquish (yes, the James Bond car!)

Ideas of a Perfect Vacation: I am a water baby, so anywhere with sand and an ocean!

What Would You Do If You Weren’t a Fitness Competitor? I would be doing what I am doing
now!  I am a mom (10 yr old son, Caleb), wife to a SSG in the Army, full-time student at Texas
Tech University (History major/minor in Secondary Education), and current Army Reservist
going for my 20 years!

What Advice Would You Give Other Competitors? NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!! Don’t let
one bad day set you back.  Always keep pushing forward.  There will be bad days, but there will
be MORE good days! No matter your fitness goal, keep going!

Staying Motivated: Always trying to out-do myself and be better than I was yesterday.  I want
people to know my name. Also, my son is one of my biggest motivations. He gives me the
reason to continue to push myself and prove to him that anything is possible! My husband,
Omar who keeps me accountable for everything I do and reminds me that I can achieve my
goals. Finally, it’s everyone who has supported and followed me throughout this entire journey
– my fans.