Randy Cole

Randy Cole was born in Dunkirk, NY. He played sports throughout his high school years and joined the United States Army directly from high school. Randy has been stationed in North Carolina, Korea, Alaska and currently back at Fort Bragg, NC. He has been on four deployments, three of them being combat tours.
Randy fell in love with the sport of Strongman in 2014 while being stationed in Alaska, where he trained at Heavy Metal Gym in Anchorage. He currently does his strongman training at Rhino’s Gym in Fayetteville, NC.

Birthdate: October 14, 1979
Birthplace: Dunkirk, NY
Current Residence: Fort Bragg, NC
Height: 6’2″
Competition weight class Strongman: 231-265
Competition weight class Strongman: 231-265 NAS, <275 USS

Randy’s strongman resume looks as such: 
2014 Northside Strongman Classic – 1st Place HW novice
2014 Alaska State Fair Strongman – 3rd Place HW
2014 AFX – Alaska Fitness Expo: Strongest Man in Alaska – 1st Place HW
2015 NC Strongest Man – 4th place HW
2015 Gladiator Strength Strongest Man – 1st HW
2015 Mash Strength Spectacular – 3rd HW
2015 AFX – Alaska Fitness Expo: Strongest Man in Alaska – 1st Place HW
2015 NC Brute Strength Strongman – 3rd Place HW
March 19th – Clayton Fitness Strongman Challenge – 2nd Place HW
June 11th – USS (United States Strongman) Nationals – 15th Place HW
July 9th/10th – 2016 Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge at the Charlotte Europa – 1st Place HW
August 13th – Palmetto State’s Strongest Man – 1st Place SHW

Upcoming Events:
October 28th-29th – Strongman Corporation Nationals

Favorite Strongman Event: Farmers Walk/Vehicle Deadlift/Atlas Stones
Favorite Powerlifting Event: Deadlift
Favorite Movie: Generation Iron and X-Men series
Favorite Actor: Jason Statham
Favorite Band or Performer: In this Moment, Rob Bailey, Deftones
Favorite Food: Burger with bacon, crumbled blue cheese, French fried onions, BBQ sauce.

email: randycole@ymail.com