Robert Principato

Robert is currently the CEO and Co-Owner of Military Muscle. He retired from the Air
Force at Luke AFB, AZ in Aug of 2014. As a 2A6X6 (Aircraft Electrician) his duty locations spanned from
Holloman AFB, Hill AFB, Kunsan AB, and Luke AFB, this allowed him to work on the F-117A, F-16, and
the A-10 during his career. Most notable deployment, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). His wife is currently
serving in the Air Force, along with his two daughters they are still stationed in Arizona.


Birthdate:  November 24th
Birthplace:  Ft. Bragg, NC
Current Residence:  Luke AFB, AZ
Height:  6’

Highlights of career:  OIF Deployment, Depot Level Electrician, Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
Technician, Honorary First Sargent, Inspector for the Inspector Generals Office

Best body parts:  Arms

Most challenging body part:  Legs

Favorite exercise:  Hammer Curls

Traits you most admire in others:  Honesty, respect, loyalty, heart

Traits you most admire in yourself:  Honesty, Heart

Favorite Movie:  Fast and Furious

Favorite Actor:  Dwayne Johnson (the Rock)

Favorite Band or Performer:  Lil Wayne/ Biggie/JayZ

Favorite Food:  Pizza, Steak

Favorite Cheat Day Treats:  In and Out or 5 Guys Burger

Favorite automobile:  2015 Dodge Challenger Wildcat and the MM 2014 Chevy Suburban

Ideas of a perfect vacation: Tahiti or Hawaii

What would you do if you didn’t own a business:  Still work on airplanes

What advice would you give other business owners:   Sometimes you just have to take the leap of
faith, even if it’s with your eye’s wide open!