Russ “Da Bus” Baker

Russ is a Technical Sergeant in the US Air Force Reserve. He is also a full time ART (air reserve
technician). He is a 2A674 fuel systems mechanic. Was previously stationed at McGuire AFB NJ, Kunsan
AB South Korea, and currently at Travis AFB CA. He is a NPC bodybuilder and 2013 Mr. San Francisco.
Russ is currently training for more local NPC shows to prepare for the national level stage.  He has his
personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise, helps many national level bikini,
men’s/women’s physique, women’s figure and bodybuilders with diet, supplements and training.

Birthdate:  October 14th, 1986
Birthplace:  Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan
Current Residence:  Suisun, CA
Height:  6’4”
Contest weight:  250lbs
Off-season weight:  300lbs

First competition:  NPC San Francisco, 2013

Best Contest Placings:
NPC San Francisco, 1st novice heavyweight, 1st novice overall, 1st open super heavyweight, 1st open overall

Highlights of career:  Most amazing was going to my first show and winning absolute everything
possible and getting handed the overall show winners sword.

Best body parts:  Shoulders and arms.

Most challenging body part:  Easily would be my chest and lower lats, but watching them develop is nice.

Favorite exercise:  Incline dumbbell press.

Traits you most admire in others:  Humility, faith, respect, courage, honesty

Traits you most admire in yourself:  Discipline, humility

Favorite Movie:  Gladiator

Favorite Actor:  Mark Wahlberg

Favorite Band or Performer:  Red

Favorite Food:  Lasagna

Favorite Cheat Day Treats:  6 double cheeseburgers every leg day, with a diet coke… can’t get fat now.

Favorite automobile:  1970 Chevelle SS.

Ideas of a perfect vacation:  Mr. O or something tropical.

What would you do if you weren’t a Bodybuilder:  I’d train bodybuilders.

What advice would you give other competitors:  Google is your best friend, can teach you everything
you could ever want to know if you are willing to invest the time.